3rd Annual
 VSCA National Show
July 25th-27th, 2008
Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

2008 VSCA National Champion
Dan Lewallen
1973 Chaparral SS II

VSCA National Show People's Choice
Gordy Kimble
1963 Arctic Cat 450E

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Show Results

Unrestored Antique Pre 1966
1st    Terry Connell    62 Tee Nee

Unrestored Antique 1966 - 1969
1st    Dan Pickenpaugh    69 Ski Daddler
2nd    Jim Smith    68 Boatel Trailmaker
3rd    Kevin Hancock    69 Alouette Big Bird

Unrestored Muscle Pre 1976
1st    Dwayne Grant    69 Moto Ski SM
2nd    Mike Silvera    72 Ski Doo TNT

Unrestored Muscle 1976 - 1982
1st    Greg Byrd    80 Yamaha SRX
2nd    Ray Bergstresser    82 Kawasaki Interseptor
3rd    Troy Bergstresser    80 Kawasaki LTD

Unrestored Race Pre 1976
1st    Bob Feil    74 Arctic Cat Sno Pro
2nd    Mike Johnson    72 Chaparrel SSX
3rd    Ken Jacobsen    73 Polaris Starfire

Unrestored Race 1976 - 1982
1st    Bob Feil    76 Merc Sno Twister
2nd    Perry Hesteness    76 Arctic Cat Z
3rd    Greg Byrd    76 Merc Sno Twister Sno Pro

Unrestored Vintage 1970 - 1972
1st    Dan Lewallen    72 Chaparrel Firebird
2nd    Bob Rhea SR    72 Arctic Cat Puma
3rd    Bob Lee    72 Raider

Unrestored Vintage 1973 - 1975
1st    Dan Pickenpaugh    73    Ski Doo Elan
2nd    James Simpson    74 Johnson
3rd    Bob Rhea SR    74 Arctic Cat Panther

Unrestored Vintage 1976 - 1979
1st    Bob Rhea SR    77 Polaris Colt SS
2nd    Duane Halverson    76 Skiroule Laser
3rd    Greg Byrd    76 Merc T/T

Unrestored Vintage 1980 - 1982
1st    Howard Justice    80 Polaris Centurion
2nd    Billy Sproul    80 Polaris Centurion

Unrestored Mini
1st    Tanner Tate    73 Kitty cat
2nd    Hannah Tate    73 Kitty Cat

Unrestored Cutter
1st    Bob Rhea SR    Cat Cutter


More Show Results

Restored Antique Pre 1966
1st    James Simpson    65 Evinrude Skeeter
2nd    Gordy Kimble    63 Arctic Cat 450D
3rd    Ron Gustin    65    Bolens Hus-Ski

Restored Antique 1966-1969
1st    Curtis Tate    66 Polaris Colt
2nd    Ron Gustin    68 Yamaha SL
3rd    Curtis Tate    68 Polaris Colt Deluxe

Restored Muscle Pre 1976
1st    David Brummer    73 Polaris TX
2nd    Curtis Tate    73 Polaris TX
3rd    Ron Gustin    70 Ski Doo TNT

Restored Muscle 1976-1982
1st    Paul Tate    77 Polaris TX
2nd    Jason Gilbert    Scorpion Bull Whip
3rd    Steve Gustin    79 Yamaha SRX

Restored Race Pre 1976
1st    Steve Gustin    Yamaha SR 292
2nd    Jim Smith    Polaris Starfire 650
3rd    Ken Jacobsen    Polaris Starfire 440

Restored Race 1976 - 1982
1st    Arthur Bonenfant    77 Arctic Cat Sno Pro
2nd    Arthur Bonenfant    77 Arctic Cat Sno Pro
3rd    Steve Gustin    76 Yamaha SRX

Restored Vintage 1970 - 1972
1st    James Simpson    70 Evinrude Skeeter
2nd    Troy Bergstresser    70 Sno Jet Star Jet
3rd    Bob Rhea SR    71 Arctic Cat Puma

Restored Vintage 1973 - 1975
1st    Dan Lewallen    73 Chaperral SS II
2nd    Paul Tate    73 Polaris Colt SS
3rd    Ron Gustin    73 Speedway

1st    Jim Smith    79 Moto Ski Sno Pro
2nd    Jeff Biddiscombe    79 Scorpion Sno Pro
3rd    Kelly Grant    82 Ski Doo Sno Pro

1st    Perry Hesteness    70 Arctic Cat Puma 793
2nd    Perry Hesteness    70 Arctic Cat Puma 650
3rd    Darrell Eve    69 Arctic Cat Panther

Restored Mini
1st    Ron Gustin    70 Swinger
2nd    Ron Gustin    68 Chimo
3rd    Ray Bergstresser    74 Kitty Cat

Restored Cutter
1st    Roger Biddiscombe    67 Rupp Cutter


The Awards Banquet Cruise

In Loving Memory
to our Bob Rhea SR

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