JULY 22nd & 23rd, 2011




2011 VSCA National Champion
The Jacobsen Brothers... Ken, Les and Steve
 1972 Polaris Starfire 440 Custom

 2011 National Show Peoples Choice
Kent Egley
 1963 Polaris Sno Traveler Model L-60

Mayor's Award
Willie Ruchert
1970 Arctic Cat Panther

MSAA Award
Dan Grooms
1975 Rupp F/A

We would like to take this moment and thank everyone for making our
 production of this year’s 6th Annual VSCA National Vintage Snowmobile Championship a huge success. Successful events such as this can
 only be accomplished by assembling a huge team effort and more-so,
 the participants who undertake the incredible effort to present their
 immaculate machines.

Thanks to everyone who made the long pull to Billing’s, Montana
 for us all to enjoy your sleds!!! 
Perry Hesteness, President WSVSA

Show Results !!

 Unrestored Antique Pre 1966
1st    Dan Pickenpaugh    62 Ski Doo

Unrestored Antique 1966-1969
1st    Jeff Fuller    69 Sears Hillary
2nd    Jim Reed    69 Arctic Cat Panther
3rd    Dan Lewis    69 Ski Doo Olympique

Unrestored Vintage 1970-1972
1st    Dan Pickenpaugh    72 Ski Daddler
2nd    Dwayne Grant    70 Moto Ski MS-18
3rd    Randy Nouis    71 Sno Bee Stinger

Unrestored Vintage 1973-1975
1st    Willie Ruchert    73 Ski Doo Elan
2nd    Rex Whitaker    73 Arctic Cat Panther
3rd    Billy Ruchert    74 Arctic Cat Cheetah

Unrestored Vintage 1980-1986
1st    Chris Delio    80 Polaris TX-C
2nd    Tony Crnkovich    85 Yamaha Phazer

Unrestored Muscle 1976-1980
1st    Chris Delio    78 Polaris TXL
2nd    Tom Whitaker    80 Polaris Centurion

Unrestored Muscle 1981-1986
1st    Chris Delio    85 Polaris Indy SE

Unrestored Race Pre 1975
1st    Jacobsen Brothers    73 Polaris Starfire
Unrestored Race 1976-1977
1st    Tony Crnkovich    76 Yamaha SRX
2nd    Tom Whitaker    Arctic Cat El Tigre
3rd    James Engnath    77 Ski Doo Blizzard

Unrestored Race 1978-1982
1st    James Engnath    78 Ski Doo Blizzard




More Show Results

Restored Antique Pre 1966
1st Clayton & Joyce Busch 60 Polaris SnoTraveler
2nd Kent Egley 63 Polaris SnoTraveler
3rd Rena Olsen 65 Fox Trac

Restored Antique 1966-1969
1st Curtis tate 69 Polaris Colt
2nd Clayton & Joyce Busch 69 Ski Doo Alpine
3rd Debbie Ginder 69 Luger
Restored Vintage 1970-1972

1st Kevin Ganon 71 Polaris Mustang
2nd Lawrence Omelian 72 Arctic Cat Puma
3rd Willie Ruchert 70 Arctic Cat Panther

Restored Vintage 1973-1975
1st David Brummer 73 Polaris TX
2nd Curtis Tate 73 Polaris TX
3rd Dan Lewis 73 Ski Doo Olympique

Restored Vintage 1976-1979
1st Ross Evig 79 Moto Ski Futura

Restored Vintage 1980-1986
1st Paul Tate 81 John Deere Trailfire
2nd Greg Hergett 84 Moto Ski Sonic

Restored Muscle Pre 1976
1st John Davis 72 Polaris ATX
2nd Bill Schisan 72 Rupp Nitro
3rd Rex Whitaker 70 Arctic Cat Panther

Restored Muscle 1976-1980
1st A.J. Emrick 77 Polaris TX-L
2nd A.J. Emrick 79 Polaris Centurion

Restored Race Pre 1975
1st Jacobsen Brothers 71 Polaris TX 2+1 (440)
2nd Jacobsen Brothers 71 Polaris TX 2+1 (795)
3rd Perry Hesteness 71 Arctic Cat EXT SP

Restored Race 1975-1977
1st A.J. Emrick 76 Polaris Starfire
2nd Dan Grooms 75 Rupp F/A
3rd Tony Crnkovich 77 Yamaha SRX

Restored Race 1978-1982
1st Darrell Eve 78 Arctic Cat SnoPro
2nd A.J. Emrick 79 Polaris RXL
3rd Jim Smith     79 Moto Ski SnoPro



1st Terry Connell 71 Super Savage
2nd Terry Connell 73 Snow Mite
3rd Rex Whitaker 81 Kitty Cat

1st Jacobsen Brothers 72 Polaris Starfire
2nd James Engnath 76 Ski Doo RV
3rd Tony Crnkovich 77 Yamaha SRX

1st Tom Whitaker    Cat Cutter
2nd Clayton & Joyce Busch Mark II
3rd Willie Ruchert    Kat Kutter

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