JULY 13TH & 14TH, 2012

2012 VSCA National Champion
Greg Karbowski
1974 Roll-O-Flex Wild One 340 F/A


National Show Peoples Choice Award
Greg Karbowski    74 Roll-O-Flex Wild One

Mayor's Award
Terry Church    65 Polaris Super Pacer

Chief's Award
Kevin Thren    1970 Polaris TX Colt

To the sleds !!!!


Unrestored Antique 1968 and Older
1st    Gary Selzak    66 Ski Doo
2nd    John McGuirk    46 Elliason D
3rd    Bill Haske    68 Viking

Unrestored Vintage 1969-1973
1st    Rusty Anderson    71 Arctic Cat Panther

Unrestored Vintage 1980-1986
1st    Richard Adamo    80 Polaris TXL
2nd    Robert Gerek    81 John Deere SpitFire
3rd    Richard Adamo    1980 Polaris TXL Indy

Unrestored Muscle 1976-1986
1st    Robert Gerek    84 Arctic Cat El Tigre
2nd    Doug Bolfa    76 Rupp Nitro
3rd    John Sadowy    71 Sno Prince

Unrestored Race Pre 1976
1st    Jerry Schmitt    75 Manta Twin Track
2nd    Gerry Pangrazzi    73 Arctic Cat EXT
3rd    Jim Pugh    72 Thunder Jet

Unrestored Race 1976-1986
1st    Jong Culp II    77 Yamaha SRX
2nd    Joey Niewolny    1977 Yamaha SRX

Unrestored Survivor 1968 and Older
1st    Valdi Stefanson    68 Mallard
2nd    Barrie Gram    58 Hus-Ski
3rd    Bill Haske    66 Viking

Unrestored Survivor 1969-1975
1st    Bill Haske    75 Polar Bear
2nd    Thomas Mask    72 Ski Doo TNT
3rd    Kemper Freeman    75 Sno Jet

Unrestored Survivor 1976-1986
1st Thomas Mask    78 Scorpion Whip
2nd    Thomas Mask    80 Kawasaki
3rd    Kemper Freeman    76 Sno Jet


More Show Results

Restored Antique 1968 and Older
1st    Steve Alberts    65 Hus-Ski
2nd    Bernard Reid    67 Arctic Cat Drone P-32
3rd    Bryan Lehr    68 Ski Doo Olympic

Restored Vintage 1969-1973
1st    Dennis Bill    70 Chaparral
2nd    Jerry Schmitt    73 Raider
3rd    David Shope    68 Ski Doo Olympic

Restored Vintage 1974-1976
1st    Mike Witham    76 Viking
2nd    Brian Grachal    74 Arctic Cat Lynx
3rd    Troy Smith    74 Rupp Nitro

Restored Muscle Pre 1976
1st    Greg Karbowski    74 Roll-O-Flex
2nd    Greg Morris    75 Alouette
3rd    Bernard Reid    75 Arctic Cat El Tigre

Restored Muscle 1976-1986
1st    AJ Enrick    79 Polaris Centurion
2nd    Tim Nadler    76 Ski Doo RV
3rd    AJ Emrick    77 Polaris TX-L

Restored Race Pre 1976
1st    Gery Pangrazzi    71 Arctic Cat King Kat
2nd    Dennis Bill    72 Northway    
3rd    Dave Shark    76 Arctic Cat Panther

Restored Race 1976-1986
1st    AJ Emrick    76 Polaris Starfire
2nd    Joe Francis    76 Rupp Magnum
3rd    Jerry Schmitt    Polaris RXL

Race IFS
1st    Preston Lee    82 Ski Doo Sno Pro
2nd    AJ Emrick    79 Polaris RXL
3rd    Preston Lee    78 Polaris RXL

Mini Class

1st    Jim Pugh    72 Kitty Cat
2nd    Terry Church    68 Sno Dart
3rd    John Sadowy    Skimo Power Sled

Cutter Class
1st    Tim Nadler    67 Ski Boose
2nd    Tim Reiter    71 Ski Boose
3rd    Mark Williams    69 Carefree Camper

Custom Class
1st    Rusty Anderson    70 Arctic Cat Panther
2nd    Preston Lee    83 Custom JAWS
3rd    Jerry Schmitt    73 Raider

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